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Mission Statement

Since 1920, The League of Women Voters has stood for freedom: freedom to vote, freedom to understand the issues, to serve and be served, no matter how rich or poor. Our mission is to encourage active participation of citizens in government.

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League of Women Voters of Seminole County
P.O. Box 160394
Altamonte Springs, Florida 32716-0394
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Our Work - Issues


This team supports Public Education and funding for Seminole County Public schools Keeps the League informed on state and local education issues and Leads the “Girls in Government” initiative.

Since 2013 LWVSC has offered our signature “Girls in Government,” a program designed to introduce, interest, and involve middle and high school students in government and politics, to promote leadership, and to lay the foundation for a lifelong sense of empowerment in self-government. It is especially relevant to 7th grade Civics students, and to older students who are beginning to recognize their place in society.

This program, which has been presented at both Lake Mary High School and South Seminole Middle School, is available upon request for Seminole County Public Schools. Elected women who serve in Seminole County’s governments and courts are invited to share their experiences and speak about their paths to a political career; followed by an opportunity for the students to question the officials about their careers and specific interests. LWVSC also presents a short video about women’s suffrage and how it inspired the formation of the League of Women Voters  100+ years ago.
Gun Safety

This team supports and engages in the work of the state-wide League of Women Voters Gun Safety Committee

Focus on Florida legislation calling for a ban on assault weapons and the expansion of background checks. 

Gun Safety has become a powerful issue over the past decade, and many LWVSC members are actively involved in finding solutions to gun safety problems. League has presented, and will continue to offer, programs on the topic, such as the two included below.

The 2017 event highlighted the connection between guns and domestic violence, and the 2018 event spoke to the mental health component of the Gun Safety issue.  Supports and engages in the work of state-wide League of Women Voters Gun Safety Committee.  Calls on the Florida legislation to ban assault weapons and to expand background checks.

gun safety

Library Services

This team educates League members on issues relating to our public libraries.  League supports full funding of eligible public libraries and promotes awareness of their programs and services

“LWVSC opposes the idea of privatizing Seminole County’s public libraries.  Reports show that services are curtailed, access is limited and the public is not well served by a “for profit” library model. 

We applaud our Board of County Commissioners for setting aside the proposal to make such a drastic change to our highly effective library system.”  Supports full funding of eligible public libraries and promotes awareness of their programs and services.


This team closely follows local developments in transportation, advocating for sustainable public transportation options for all and smooth running of traffic systems throughout Seminole and nearby counties.

We monitor national best practices for application here. Florida is growing rapidly, and we seek ways to ensure the safety of our drivers, riders and pedestrians, as well as encourage smart growth in our urban, suburban and rural sectors.

Women's Issues


Public policy in a pluralistic society must affirm the constitutional right to privacy of the individual and the freedom to make reproductive choices.


The League of Women Voters of Seminole County stands with the League of Women Voters of Florida supporting every woman’s right to access affordable, high-quality reproductive health care, including access to abortion services and birth control.


The League of Women Voters of Seminole County supports treating reproductive rights — including access to abortion — as a healthcare issue decidable by a woman and her qualified healthcare provider.


We advocate for comprehensive sex education in schools; increased access to publicly-funded family planning services; and information on sexually transmitted diseases and birth control. Through these efforts, Florida can decrease unintended pregnancies and improve health care outcomes for our families.


In addition, we support passage of the Equal Rights Amendment, which addresses gender inequality, gender-based violence, sexual violence and harassment, workplace discrimination, and pay parity.


Natural Resources

This team tracks many issues confronting Florida’s fragile environment; Meets with Orange County Natural.  Resources Committee Meeting held fourth Thursday of the month at 6:30 at Valencia College in Winter Park Involved with water issues, land acquisition, sustainability and other topics.

Leads Seminole County Solar Co-Op initiative as part of our continuing commitment to the League’s push for sustainable energy sustainability and other topics leads Seminole County Solar Co-Op initiative as part of our continuing commitment to the League’s high level of involvement in environmental protection.

Join League as we focus attention on waste reduction. The first line of attack should be reducing and reusing, however for those items that remain, Seminole County has a robust recycling program. 

Voter education and voter registration have been the primary focus of the League since its foundation. On the local level, this translates into serving at the polls, hot topics programs and forums presenting legislative issues and candidates, and community outreach throughout the year, whether or not it be an election year. During election years, a voter guide is distributed, and made available online, which provides a non-partisan snapshot of each candidate and their responses to a candidate survey. Members who wish to participate in voter drives receive training and certification, to assure that procedures meet the requirements of the current voting laws. Voter Registration and informational programs are offered throughout the year.

Voter Registration

Members serve as a core of LWVSC members trained and certified to register voters.   

This team maintains awareness of current registration guidelines; assists voters understanding of ballot amendments; and answers all questions surrounding or relating to voter registration.

Those that register voters maintain certification through an established training program offered by LWV Florida under the auspices of LWVUS, which meets the requirements of state election offices.

Voter Services

This team provides objective, non-partisan information so that voters can make informed, educated choice(s) on local, state, and national candidates and issues.

hlights Constitutional amendments (with emphasis on local and state, foremost), by means of…
  • Forums, both for candidates and on public policy issues

  • On-line and hard copy publications

  • Speakers Bureau presentations

From the beginning, LWVSC has focused on social and political issues in addition to all issues related to voting rights. As the LWVUS website states, “From advancing health care to protecting the environment, voters care about many issues. We promote social and economic justice as well as the health and safety of all Americans to defend democracy.”

The residents of Seminole County also care deeply about healthcare, education, transportation, and a variety of other quality of life issues; for that reason, LWVSC reviews topics annually to highlight and study as a local League. This list of focus areas is know as our Local Program.